Calendar Belles

Each month one of our members tells us a bit about themselves, why they joined the Bingley Belles, and their favourite ride.

Janet Qureshi

May 2023s Calendar Belle Janet’s Adventures with Bikes I always had a bike as a kid, which is strange because no one else in my family had them. The first

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Woman in cycling helmet and glasses.


Barbara prefers a savoury roll to cake – and as a ride leader maybe she’ll be putting on Two Rolls rides in future!

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Woman with bike in front of sea

Sarah White

Sarah founded Bingley Belles after discovering the joys of cycling with women and having cake stops.

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grinning cyclist.

Nicola Young

Bingley Belles Ride Leader Nicola is a mountain bike fanatic – if there’s a mound, she’s up and over it.

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Smiling cyclist with sunglasses on and a smiley face on glove.

Katie Hall

Katie is a Bingley Belles Ride Leader and Breeze Champion. She can – and does – spend hours talking about how brilliant e-bikes are.

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Selfie of cyclist by the sea.

Anne Thompson

Anne was inspired to start cycling by the Tour de France in 2014, when the Grand Depart was held in Yorkshire.

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Woman cyclist selfie with thumb up.


Our December Belle Amanda went for 20 years without touching a bike until she joined the Bingley Belles.

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Woman smiling in cycling jacket and helmet.


Our November Belle is Aleks, who has been riding with the Bingley Belles since March.

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Woman on bike.


Lucy is our October Belle – she joined the Bingley Belles in 2020.

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Woman on bike in park.


Our September Belle is Georgina, who went from forgetting how to ride to cycling up “crazy steep hills” since joining the Bingley Belles.

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Woman in Saltaire Brewery cycling jersey and sunglasses.


Our August belle is Sarah, who’s been a Bingley Belle from the start.

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Selfie of woman in cycle helmet and sunglasses.


June’s Belle, Jeannette, knew she had joined the right group when she took cake to the Bingley Belles AGM.

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Woman on bike in yellow jacket and white helmet.


Michelle is our May Belle. She found joining the Bingley Belles really helped her fitness levels.

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Selfie of women cyclists.


April’s Belle is Tracey. Joining the Belles meant she could enjoy cycling at her own pace and go on “lots of adventures”.

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Woman standing next to folding bike.


Kaz is our March Belle. She wasn’t put off cycling after getting a “wonderful bruise” falling off her bike twice.

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Selfie of smiling woman in bike helmet.


Our February Belle, Jane, says joining the Bingley Belles has been “one of the best things I’ve done in years”.

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Woman in red jacket and cycle helmet.


January’s Belle is Sam, who bought her first bike during lockdown.

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