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Fiona Farquhar

A sad loss got Fiona on an e-bike, which led her to the Bingley Belles.

I first started cycling again around four years ago, after a break of around 30 years!

My Dad passed away and we had the sad task of clearing his house ready for sale.

In one of Dad’s four sheds – yes he liked a gadget or two – we found an electric bike.

My brother and sister didn’t want it, so I said I’d like to have a go on it, and that’s how it all started.

I had a go on the bike and loved it!

Although it’s electric, it’s quite old and didn’t hold charge very well.

It always ran out on the steepest hill, and I would have to push as it was so heavy.

I found the Bingley Belles and borrowed a bike for a ride along the canal.

After initial worries about falling into the canal, or running into pedestrians I relaxed into the ride and loved it.

I carried on using the electric bike to get used to traffic as it gave me the confidence that I could move out of the way of traffic quickly enough.

I was lucky to work with someone who is a cycling fanatic, and she cycled to work with me which gave
me confidence. 

I gave up my parking permit which helped me save for my first bike. 

This turned out to be not very reliable so I upgraded to my lovely Trek hybrid (the 3rd person in our marriage ❤️).

After doing the road safety training and ride leader training with Bingley Belles (thank you) I
have completely fallen in love with cycling. 

I did my first sportive in May, and am now buying a road bike. 

I can see how people become obsessed with cycling – I am not too many steps away from this!!

Looking forward to seeing you on the next ride!

Fiona Farquhar's favourite ride

Road with stone wall and hills in background.

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