Ride leaders

Information for ride leaders and co-ride leaders.


All designated ride leaders can set up rides through Let’s Ride.

Breeze-qualified leaders can choose to set them up as either Breeze Rides or Ride Socials. Everyone else will need to set them up as Ride Socials.

See below for the difference between the two.

  1. Login to your account, and bring up the menu alongside your own logo/picture

  2. Go to ‘My Home‘ which gives you your Dashboard

  3. You will find all sorts of information on here – look for the red Create a Ride button

    At this point, it’s worth browsing through all the buttons to see what fields you need to fill in.
    It helps to have an idea what goes where.

  4. Ride type

    Breeze (if qualified) or Community Group

  5. Ride suitability

    Women Only

  6. Ride title

    Pick something sharp and snappy – and include whether it’s a one cake, two cake or three cake ride.

  7. Image

    This can be a stock image or you can upload one of your ownbut use landscape and bear in mind it will automatically be cropped to squarish.

  8. Ride start date

  9. Ride start time

  10. Ride series

    This is only if you’re planning to put on a regular series of identical rides.

  11. Route details

    If you have saved a GPX file of your route (e.g. if you’ve planned it on Komoot), you can upload it here and it will pre-fill in some of the remaining information, such as start location and distance, as well as providing a map and elevation profile for users.
    You can also use routes already saved to the Let’s Ride website.
    Otherwise, choose ‘No set route’. You will then need to enter the start postcode, information about the starting point, and a route description.

  12. Additional ride details
    Some of this will be filled in already if you uploaded a GPX or chose a route already on the Let’s Ride website.
    • Miles – be as accurate as you can, so riders know what to expect.
    • Estimated riding time.
    • Estimated overall duration (including breaks).
    • Bike type.
    • Participant capacity.
    • Group ride – Bingley Belles.
    • Closed group ride (this means it can only be booked by Bingley Belles members).
  13. Create ride

Breeze Ride vs Community Group

Breeze Rides are led by qualified Breeze Champions. The route needs to be recce’d within the previous seven days and risk assessed. They are covered by British Cycling’s third party insurance.

Community Group rides can be set up by anyone and do not benefit from British Cycling’s third party insurance, but when set up by designated Bingley Belles ride leaders they have similar cover from Cycling UK. All Bingley Belles rides are risk assessed, whether Breeze or Community Group rides.