Book onto a ride

Bingley Belles ride leaders put on rides every week, with a mix of one, two and three cake rides.

Members can book onto these using the Let’s Ride website.

We have a private Bingley Belles group where you can see all the rides available.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Ask to join the Bingley Belles.
  2. Sign up to the Let’s Ride website for free and create your profile.
  3. On the Let’s Ride Bingley Belles group, send a Join Group Request.
  4. On the Rides tab, click Full Details to find out more about a ride – make sure you’re comfortable with the described route and difficulty.
  5. Book a place.

One cake

Easiest ride, often short and flat with no traffic, e.g. Five Rise Locks to Roberts Park

Two cake

Middle distance, maybe some quiet lanes, and one hill, e.g. Five Rise Locks to Cliffe Castle

Three cake

Longer distance, several hills, possible shared roads, e.g.  Five Rise Locks to Skipton