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Our November Belle is Aleks, who has been riding with the Bingley Belles since March.

Hi – My name is Aleks and I have been cycling with Bingley Belles since March 2021.

Before I got back onto a bike, the last time I was riding was three decades ago!

I found out about Belles through Tracey, my son’s friend’s mum.

I was trying to get fitter and to get out there, but it can be very hard if you don’t even know where to start.

Last year, I got this ancient bike from MCF in Shipley.

We are talking seriously old.

And it was fabulous!

Lightweight, scratched to smithereens so nothing to worry about if you fall over – which I do regularly.

It had everything I needed – ie two wheels, squeaky breaks, and a reasonably comfy saddle.

Slowly I started learning about bikes – thank you Sarah, Anna, Judy and Tracey for giving me start-up sessions on how to turn left and right or how to change gears.

Why do I love cycling?

I am a busy mum to two teenagers when at home and a full-time primary SENDCo when at work.

I really needed something just for me –a carved out space and time where I can relax mentally and push myself physically.

Sometimes I ride once a week, sometimes once a month. Every ride, I see and learn something new and that keeps me going.

Bingley Belles are an amazing bunch of women from all walks of life.

They are supportive, knowledgeable and most of all – they have all been beginners once upon a time. The best place to start cycling – and I really hope this cycling bug I feel right now, stays with me forever.

My favourite ride is a canal ride to Buck Lane Bridge.

Aleks' favourite ride

Five Rise Locks.

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