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Lucy is our October Belle - she joined the Bingley Belles in 2020.

My name’s Lucy and I hadn’t been on a bike for years, since I was a child, when the COVID lockdowns began.

I realised the roads would be quiet and as I worked in a school and still had to go in every day, I thought I’d get a bike on the Cycle to Work scheme and try commuting by bike into Bradford from where I live in Nab Wood. 

I got a sturdy hybrid and researched the Greenway into Bradford, and found I could go most of the way without encountering any traffic at all.  

I found out about the Bingley Belles on Facebook and joined up and had a lovely evening ride in spring 2020 which convinced me to join, and I’ve never looked back!  

I don’t get out as often as I’d like due to work, kids and the general business of life but I’ve trained up as a co-ride leader so I can encourage others to give it a try and hopefully get as much enjoyment out of cycling as I have.  

I completed my Level 3 road cycling training with Ann-Marie last year, and have had some excellent co-leader and bike maintenance training – all courtesy of funding from the Belles.  

I completed the Bronte Sportive 23 mile route in June 2020 and in October this year I completed an Audax event called the Mellow Fruitfulness in Hebden Bridge.

An Audax is kind of like a treasure hunt – there is no timing or racing, just a route to cycle in groups and you have to find certain pieces of information along the route, such as the colour of the door of a specific house.  

Two of the requirements for the day were to get receipts from particular places, one of which was an absolutely cracking cafe, so we all stopped for tea and toasted teacakes… it really was my kind of event!  

I am now really looking forward to helping lead some road rides for those who aren’t yet that experienced or confident on the roads.  

My cycling experiences continue as I have just bought new pedals and shoes with cleats which will lead to hopefully finding hills easier and being able to go out for longer rides.   

My favourite ride ever has to be the ride back from Leeds Light Night, singing our hearts out in the dark and cold along the canal – what an experience!  

I’m incredibly grateful to the Belles for giving me the confidence and encouragement to get out there and cycle, and I can’t wait to help others achieve the same.

Lucy's favourite ride

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