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Our September Belle is Georgina, who went from forgetting how to ride to cycling up "crazy steep hills" since joining the Bingley Belles.

Hello, I’m Georgina. I’m 26 years old and an Early Years teacher.

I joined Bingley Belles back in March 2021.

I had bought a bike just before lockdown hit, in hopes of getting fit but didn’t realise how unconfident I had become.

Growing up I absolutely loved cycling. As a family, we used to go out a lot on rides along the canal. I was not afraid and would hurtle down hills at some speed.

When I got to secondary school I gave up cycling and literally forgot how to ride.

Young girl on bike.

Over 10 years later I decided that I wanted to cycle again as my boyfriend adores cycling, so I went out and bought a bike.

I was so unstable, so frightened, and struggled to even get onto my bike without someone holding the bike.

My mum and brother suggested a small ride along the canal and it was a disaster. I had to get off every time a walker/runner or another cyclist went past (yes, I was slower than people walking).

I had no confidence to go up or down any hills, or in fact any confidence to cycle at all, I wobbled all over the place.

As I struggled to pass a runner she told me about how she was part of a cycling group called ‘Bingley Belles’ and told me to email them. As soon as I got home I sent an email and joined as fast as I could.

I am forever grateful to everyone at Bingley Belles for all they have done for me, they have given me the confidence I needed. I absolutely love going for bike rides (when it’s not raining). 

I am able to now cycle up and down hills with no fear and just have so much fun. I have completed rides that I never thought I would be able to complete like cycling up to Baildon and that crazy steep hill by Thackley, which is now one of my favourites. I even managed to complete 100 miles in June with some other incredible ladies to raise money for YAA.

I love going out with everyone and having a good chat and laugh with everyone.

After my first ride, I rang my mum and told her how much fun it was and how I couldn’t wait to go again, which then made her decide to join the group.

I am so proud to be part of the group and am thankful to everyone who has helped me fall in love with cycling again.

Georgina's favourite ride

Rusty bridge over canal.

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