Woman in Saltaire Brewery cycling jersey and sunglasses.


Our August belle is Sarah, who's been a Bingley Belle from the start.

I’m Sarah.

I’ve been a member of Bingley Belles since the idea was just a twinkle in my friend Sarah’s eyes…

I used to love cycling as a youngster and I was fearless (as most of us are in childhood) I remember whizzing down hills and riding round with both hands off the handlebars… I really loved my bike.

Then as often happens during adult life I simply didn’t need to ride a bike at all, can’t say I even gave it a thought until around five years ago when Sarah White suggested I give it a go.

I borrowed a mountain bike from my husband and went for a practice in Myrtle Park, well whoever uses the expression it’s like riding a bike hadn’t seen my attempt at getting back on!!

I found it really difficult and I was prettified. I was literally wobbling everywhere.

Sarah was so supportive and so patient though, she was determined to get me cycling so I borrowed a lighter, hybrid bike from her husband Chris and gave it another go.

Slowly but surely my confidence grew until Sarah felt I was ready to go on an actual bike ride.

We then began to cycle together more often, even going further afield to The Dales and such likes and I rediscovered the joy and freedom of cycling.

It was on one of these cycles that Sarah asked me what I thought about starting up a local ladies cycling club to encourage women back on their bikes.

Well the rest is history and Bingley Belles was formed and I’m still a founding committee member as well as part of the social committee with Michelle and Tracey.

I’m so proud to be part of this group.

I’ve met so many fantastic ladies and been on such great rides.

I’ve had fun, kept fit and had many many laughs.

I’ve really loved our away trips too, including a bunk barn in The Dales, camping in Cononley and even cycling in Majorca!!

My favourite type of cycling is riding through our beautiful countryside on little country lanes (even the dreaded hills).

Due to other commitments, I can’t make as many rides as I would like but I really look forward to meeting you all soon xxx

Sarah's favourite ride

Field and bridge.

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