Happy cyclist

Michelle Kite

Our April 2024 Belle

Childhood memories

I have some good childhood memories of riding hand-me-down bikes around the back streets of our family home in Leeds. The bikes never seemed to be the right size – always either too small or too large but you just made do at the time!
My most dramatic memory is when I was about 7 and rode full pelt around a blind corner and smacked straight into the side of an unsuspecting man’s car. I was totally unhurt but unfortunately left a large Michelle shaped dent in the side of his car!
I stopped riding just before the dreaded teenage years hit and didn’t pick up a bike again until I was 36. My partner is a mountain biker who himself found the love of biking in his mid 30’s. I was persuaded to try it out and absolutely loved it.

Joining Bingley Belles

In the last few years I have wanted to do more rides but just couldn’t keep up with my partner – he was faster, did more technical riding and has just bought an e-bike – I had no chance! I was over the moon to discover that there was a ladies only biking group in Bingley ….and they liked cake! Perfect!
I joined in November 2023 which was the start of the wettest winter in human history. Despite this, we have managed some lovely rides out and its even better now the sun is finally out. I feel so lucky to have met the Belles, what an amazingly supportive bunch of women. Every ride is a joy to go on.

Best rides:

So far I’ve only managed to do 1 or 2 cake rides – those hills kill me! I’ve now got the confidence to do some rides on my own so I’m aiming to get fit enough to go on a 3 cake ride soon. I’m really looking forward to the Dalby Forest weekend and getting to know the rest of the Belles I havent met yet.

Michelle Kite's favourite ride

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