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Michelle is our May Belle. She found joining the Bingley Belles really helped her fitness levels.

Hi, I’m Michelle,

I’ve been a member of Bingley Belles for around four years. 

I think I was persuaded to join by my two good friends, the two Sarahs! 

My fitness level at the beginning wasn’t great, I had put a lot of weight on due to a back and hip injury which had stopped me running. 

I remember feeling quite apprehensive on my first Wednesday evening ride, feeling out of my depth, thinking it would be a group of fit cyclists all in Lycra. 

How far from this thought could I have been. 

It was a group of lovely ladies, of all ages and abilities and who were so welcoming and friendly.

My first ride was just along the canal to the big swing bridge and back and I managed to cycle home. 

Over the next year or so, my fitness level really improved and I’ve loved going out regularly and meeting old and making new friends. 

I love the fact that we support each other, never leaving anyone behind . I’ve loved the different activities we have done such as bunk barning; camping; and our cycling holiday to Majorca.

It’s been a really strange year since the pandemic but we have managed to keep going the best we can, even if it’s only been one-to-one cycling. 

My fitness level is back to zero after foot surgery last year but I’m determined to get back to my fitness again soon. I am loving the fact I can use the Belles’ electric bike to help with my rehabilitation.

I’m a member of the committee and joint social secretary with Tracy and Sarah. Although this year has been strange we have managed a few zoom quizzes but it will be great when we can get back out socially.

One of my favourite rides is on the canal to Esholt and up into the village to the Woolpack pub, where we may partake in a little beverage and back onto the canal and home.

Michelle's favourite ride

Horses gathered at gate.

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