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April's Belle is Tracey. Joining the Belles meant she could enjoy cycling at her own pace and go on "lots of adventures".

My cycling journey began when my husband was given a bike from his dad and he wanted me to go out cycling with him. 

I hadn’t been on a bike since I was a teenager, so I bought a second- hand bike for £20 from Cycle re Cycle in Bradford. I really enjoyed learning how to ride again but cycling with my husband and his friends was difficult (they are much faster than I am!) and while they were extremely patient, I really wanted to go cycling at my own pace. 

I wanted to stop and have a coffee at all the lovely cafes we have as well but the boys just want to power on really.

My husband found the Bingley Belles on Facebook and persuaded me to go on a ride with them. 

I find it difficult to meet new people as many people do, but as soon as I met the Belles I really felt like I got on with everyone. 

I went on to join the committee and I am a member of the social group. Although Covid has done its best to stop us planning anything for the last 12 months I am sure we will have lots of plans for socials when things get back to normal.

Since meeting the Belles we have had lots of adventures as a group. 

We have had a cycling weekend in Coniston at a hostel, a camping trip in Cononley and a trip to Majorca. 

I’m usually found with the group at the back, we don’t have any aspirations to be Olympic cyclists, we just enjoy getting out and chatting and stopping for coffee and cake, maybe the odd beer! 

There is never a trip out where we don’t have lots of laughs and it is always a pleasure to see everyone. 

I really enjoy the different difficulty levels of the rides – I can do the longer rides without too much trouble now but sometimes don’t have much time or don’t have the energy for a long ride.

The short rides are great to get out and see everyone and catch up without taking the whole day. The longer rides are good as you get the chance to catch up with more people. 

I have moved on a little since my £20 second-hand bike. 

I treated myself to a hybrid bike on the cycle to work scheme and then got an electric bike on the scheme two years later, (so I can now also keep up with my husband!).

I can’t wait for the rides and the socials to start up again, I have really missed them in the last 12 months. 

My bikes have been cleaned and polished and are all ready to get going again, the only thing I am a little concerned about is that my cycle shorts no longer fasten!

Tracey's favourite ride

Cyclist entering golf course with sign asking to watch out for flying golf balls.

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