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Rosie Jeeps

Our September '23 Belle

Rosie goes from strength to strength

Hi, I’m Rosie, and I’m guessing that only a handful of you will have come across me as I’m a newish member with limited Belles rides under my belt, although I’m hoping to become more adventurous as I move forward and meet lots more of you lovely ladies 🙂

So how did my cycling journey start?

Having booked a big trip away for November which involves a couple of days cycling alongside walking, kayaking and sightseeing, I really wanted to find a way to practice riding a bike before going. 
I’m already a walker, and I haven’t even attempted to find any kayaking, but I was keen to find a way to cycle so as not to be saddle sore after day one and not able to ride on the second!
It’s definitely been a long time since I enjoyed cycling as a student!!
Dilemma – I didn’t even have a working bike, how could I make cycling happen? It wasn’t looking very promising.

A life-changing moment?

Then things changed quite by chance as I jogged along the canal near Bingley and a group of ladies cycled towards me, one of whom called out “Hi Rosie”.
That was Lisa Davenport I thought as I plodded along, and I wondered what that group was?
Back home and intrigued, I googled, and there she was, a Bingley Belle. And what’s more, I read that I could borrow a bike from the group!
Bingo, had I just found a way to cycle? A quick impromptu email was written and sent, and within 24 hours I was signed up to Bingley Belles, Lets Ride, and a very friendly WhatsApp group. Now it was time to check about borrowing a bike and sign up for my first beginners’ ride.
The ride was great fun and I haven’t looked back. I’ve now been on numerous equally enjoyable rides and met lots of lovely people.,

Getting kitted out

Moving on fast, I now have my own bike, bought with a helmet from a colleague for the bargain price of £25. I own a waterproof cycling jacket so I don’t have to miss any more cake stops because I’m soaked, and have had a rear mudguard and lights fitted thanks to MCF in Shipley

I have a spare inner tube now as recommended, just in case…. and am hoping that by mid September I might even know how to fit it, as I’ve booked onto a beginners’ bike maintenance session!
Now it’s not two days of gentle cycling in Vietnam that I’m aspiring to, it’s a three cake ride in the Dales next summer! Lets hope!

Thank you to everyone who’s helped me get to where I’ve got to so far, who’d have thought I’d manage to ride up Thackley Old Road within a few group rides!
I’m very much looking forward to lots more rides and adventures with you all.
It’s hard to say which is my favourite, but the ride to Hollybush Farm at Kirkstall is certainly one of them

Rosie Jeeps's favourite ride

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