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Lorraine Bamfield

Lorraine was inspired by her dad to take up cycling.

My first experience of cycling was watching my dad, Patrick Kelly, road racing, a hard act to follow as he was the fastest man in Keighley over several distances for many years.

As a child, I always had a bike and we lived on a cul de sac so I spent many hours cycling up and down with all of my friends.

On a family holiday to the island of Arran, we decided we would hire bikes and we went off exploring the island every day.

We all enjoyed it very much as it was quite flat and manageable until we had to cycle to church – it was 10 miles away and the first three miles involves a steep climb of 750ft on a three-geared bike.

As we were there for two weeks, we were not looking forwards to the next Sunday’s bike ride.

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Getting back in the saddle

In lockdown, I decided that after incurring a running injury I need to take up another sport.

I managed to borrow a road bike and an indoor trainer so I started cycling in the hall, which progressed to the dinning room, and is now in the spare bedroom (nobody tells you that it takes a while to get used to the seat).

A couple of months went by and I decided that I would venture outside.

Several laps of the park later I decided that I was ready for the road.

Cleats on and all clipped in, next thing I was picking myself up off the floor and yes I had forgotten to un-clip when stationary.

So off they came and back to normal pedals which I think is the safer option for me.

Becoming a Belle

It was time I joined a club, so I saw that Bingley Belles were an all-female cycling club and emailed them.

I was accepted so I managed to book myself on a ride,

I love it – this is me now a proper cyclist.

I went on Ann Marie’s road awareness and positioning course and 16 months later still loving it.

I have now progressed on to being a Ride and Co-ride leader, I have made many friends with a lot of lovely ladies and we all have one thing in common we all LOVE cycling.

My most memorable ride was my first Belles ride out.

My 2nd ride is my first ride as a Ride leader.

Thank you Bingley Belles you have enabled me to start a new and unexpected chapter in my life 🚴🏼‍♂️

Lorraine Bamfield's favourite ride

View of viaduct from Knaresborough Castle.

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