Happy Cyclist

Marie Brown

Our January '24 Belle

Queuing for the bike

One girl on my street had a bicycle in 1960’s Belfast. An amazing brand new Triumph Pink Witch….never to be forgotten. The rest of us all queued patiently to have a go on her bike. She was very gracious and let us all have a go on this wondrous machine….occasionally !!.

At 13 I had a Saturday job in a local fruit and veg shop. I bought a secondhand bike for £3. Cycling seven miles to school became a daily adventure and I loved it. The freedom it gave me was fantastic.


And so to work

After my children left home I started cycling again. I started taking my bike on the train to work in Keighley and cycled home to Saltaire.


Then comes retirement

About seven years ago I found the Saltaire Breeze rides and started cycling with Judy. I then joined the Meanderers. We had many wonderful rides with fantastic company.

I joined the Belles two years ago. Meeting lots of lovely ladies and hearing about their adventures has helped me become more confident and spread my wings.


With lots of cycling holidays

Last September I went on Dales’ weekend with the Belles. It was absolutely fantastic, amazing weather, scenery and people. My son and I have also completed a Dales tour and Coastal Northumberland.

This year I am hoping to join the Belles trips to Amsterdam, the Dales and Dalby Forest. The Belles are a very supportive and friendly group. Thank you all and particularly T’Committee. X

Marie Brown's favourite ride

Field and bridge.

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