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Liz Stell

Liz gets her life back on track with Bingley Belles

After childhood I didn’t cycle for a long time. It wasn’t until I had my own children that I started to cycle again a bit. I had to have the baby seat on the back and I remember I didn’t like it as I was scared of falling off! 

I started cycling again properly after a drunken discussion one night about bikes. I woke up next day to find I had bought a £500 bike! So that was it….I was a cyclist.  

After getting divorced I joined Bingley Belles, about 4 years ago, to start rebuilding my social life and friendship groups. I have found nothing but support and kindness from every member of the group. Bingley Belles was very different before covid hit.  You just turned up to a published ride.  I found this flexibility very helpful as I’m not the best at forward planning!  However, I do understand the chaos we must have caused at times with 20 plus cycling on the busy tow paths!

After building my confidence back up for riding my bike, as well as the weekend rides, I started cycling once a week on evenings with the very same childhood friend who I had ridden with all those years ago (with her teeth fixed!).  We started a Bingley Belles WhatsApp group so others could join us.  Our usual ride out was to Esholt, stopping for a well-earned pint at the Woolpack. I loved it.


From Majorca to the Dales

Being a Bingley Belle has meant I have had the pleasure of joining the trip to Majorca and the bunk barn in the Dales.  I have booked onto two of next year’s trips and I’m looking forward to socialising with new members I may not have met.

I was a committee member too for a short while, but due to work and family commitments, I felt I had to stand down till I could give 100% commitment.

Bingley Belles provide super training opportunities from basic bike maintenance to ride leader training.  I am a co leader and when the dates are suitable, I intend to book onto the ride leader course.  The road training course was great and gave me the confidence to ride on the road when needed.

This year I finally purchased an E-bike.  This has helped ease the occasional knee pain I suffer and more importantly, it enables me to cycle back home.  Living in Eldwick there is no way of avoiding big hills which I struggle with especially after a long ride.

Liz Stell's favourite ride

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