Bike Kitchens

CyclingUK offer Big Bike Revival grants to cycling groups or organisations to deliver sessions that offer either FIX – LEARN – RIDE opportunities.
We applied and were successful awarded a grant to offer some ‘Learn to ride, safely on the road’ sessions and a series of Bike kitchens offering ‘Learn to fix’, bike maintenance sessions.
Nicola offered four sessions during the evening in September. The sessions were aimed at supporting and empowering those attending to get familiar with some basic bike maintenance.
The first two sessions focused on the health of your chain and what to do if you get a puncture.
The second two session focused on brakes and gears and what to do if they’re not working as well as they might.
All the sessions were very practical and hands on. Women got opportunities to take remove wheels form bikes, try pumps, looks at replacing brake pads and fiddle with gear shifters.
Even though the sessions were two hours long they all ran over as they were lively, full of information and everyone had so many questions!

Here is what you said about the sessions:

“The bike kitchen was very informative and delivered in a friendly, accessible way. I have since bought some equipment to help me maintain my bike and feel more confident about certain emergency situations. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn from experienced and knowledgeable women, in a fully supportive environment.”

“A relaxed and friendly, non judgmental bike fixing session, where absolutely no question was a silly question!”

“A lovely practical, friendly and useful event. A good opportunity to ask any questions without it being deemed silly. Nicola was really knowledgeable and encouraging. A fun evening and I learnt stuff.”

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