Bingley Belles AGM 2023

In April, 18 members attended our Annual General Meeting

Café ranking activity

As everyone arrived and settled in with a cuppa and piece of cake, we played a fun diamond ranking game. Jane and Sarah had created a list of 9 cafes regularly visited by the Belles and ordered them from favourite to least favourite. This led to much debate and Lindsey managed to find a scrap of paper to add a further café, she felt was missing from the list and should be at the top!

Chairperson’s report

The meeting began with Sarah, our Chairperson, who delivered an annual report. She read out a series of quotes and everyone had to guess, which of the activities the club has been involved in over the last year, it related to. It turned out we have done many things from our Celebration of Cycling event in Myrtle park, Red January, beginners and ride leaders training, camping in Knightstainforth, a trip to Majorca, on road training and a sponsored event! Super busy!
Sarah acknowledged that the club has many volunteers, who contribute lots of their time to enable the club to achieve all of these activities. They were thanked for their time and efforts. This included ride and co ride leaders, those who help with training, making tea and coffee at events, advice and support in the WhatsApp group, sorting merchandise, organising the website, running face book to name but a few.

Finance report

Next Sarah Walton went on to present our financial accounts for the year. We have a healthy balance of £1392.56 which we can use to spend on the benefit of the club members.


Elections then took place and new committee members Liz Mitchell and Amanda Race were elected. Anne Thompson was also identified as a co opted member of the committee

Values and principles game

We then divided the group into two and each group created their own diamond ranking game, identifying 9 things that are important to them about Bingley Belles club. Each group came up with similar principles and values. These principles will help to guide the aims of the club us in the coming year(s) ahead.

Any other business

Various options for rides types were shared by members such as:

  • longer, quicker rides;
  • longer more leisurely days trips out;
  • rides with café stops at the end so those with limited time could opt out of the cake at the end!

Thanks were offered to everyone attending and here’s to another great year ahead of cycling.

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