Learning to ride safely on the road

CyclingUK offer Big Bike Revival grants to cycling groups or organisations to deliver sessions that offer either FIX – LEARN – RIDE opportunities.
We applied and were successful awarded a grant to offer some ‘Learn to ride safely on the road’ sessions and a series of Bike kitchens offering bike maintenance sessions.
Gen and Nicola, our cycling instructors offered session on Sunday mornings to those wanting to learn to cycle safely on the road.

The sessions involved

  • what to wear to help be visible;
  • learning about positioning on the road;
  • how to overtake a parked car;
  • when and how to signal and turn safely, left and right.

To finish the groups went on a guided ride and learnt how to navigate roundabouts safely.

Rider’s Quotes

“I’ve learnt to ride safe, ride confident “

“I feel so much more confident now, I’ve learn that as a cyclist I should own the road, ride safe and be seen “

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